Monday, February 8, 2010

Walgreens and CVS 2/8/10...

Ok kids!  Today was CVS and Walgreens day, and I had the pleasure of my hubby for company!  I know I am still not the best at this, and my totals may still seem high, but for us, considering what we used to spend, this is amazing!  Hubs was certainly impressed! Here we go!


This is what we got at CVS.  Keep in mind I went in with 7.49 in ECB's.  
First Transaction:

                                    5 Boxes of Nabisco Crackers        5/$10.00
                                                                                (1)/$1.00 off 1 coupon
                                                                               (2) $2.00 off 2 coupons
                                     1 Fusion Razor                            $8.99
                                                                              $4.00 off 1 coupon

                                    4 Nivea Lip Care                         $3.99 & $2.99
                                                                            (2) B1G1 coupons

                                     Total BEFORE Coupons and ECB's :  $32.95
                                                                             $7.49 ECB's
                                                                             $9.00 coupons
                                                                             $7.98 from Nivea B1G1 (both $3.99 free!)
                                     Total AFTER:                  $ 8.48 (Doesn't include tax)
                                      ECB's Received:             $12.00 (Yay!  Money Maker!)

Transaction 2:

                                       Tide Stain Release 10 Packs            (6) for $3.99
                                            Used (3) B1G1 Coupons, and (3) $1.00/1 Coupons

                                       Pampers Easy Ups                           $8.99
                                                                                     Used $1.50/1 coupon

                                        Total Before Coupons:                  $32.93
                                        ECB's Used:                                 $12.00
                                        Coupons Used:                             $16.47

                                        Total out of pocket:                       $4.46 (Doesn't include tax)

Total Savings in CVS today was:  $69.89...WOW!!!!!!!


On to Walgreens...We started out with $6.00 Register Rewards (RR).
And because it is getting late and I am really tired, I am giving you the short version.  We spent $17.87 out of pocket and saved $54.79.

So, I now I didn't get things reallt for free, but right now we are still building a stockpile, and for us, those savings are amazing!  I am hoping to get better and really start to be selective about what is too good of a deal to pass up!

I did go grocery shopping too, but I felt kinda bad about it.  I spent $86.00 and only saved around $60.00.  Still ok, but the last two weeks I saved half or better, so I was a bit disappointed!  There were a few things I should have waited to get until I went to Wal Mart, but I just didn't feel like hitting ANOTHER store!

Tell me how you did this week!

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