Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Basement...

Well, I committed to doing the 28 day organization project, and I have been super good about putting in one hour a day working on the basement. 6 bags of garbage and 2 yard sale bins later and I still feel like I am getting nowhere! Why was I saving all this stuff??? So, here we go...these are some before pictures...

This is really the hubby's side...but I have managed to overtake it!

This is part of the play area...we even have a carpet on the floor somewhere!

"The Workout Room" - hahahahaha

And this would be my scrapbook area.  Or the black hole that houses all the junk I insist on keeping for no good solid reason.

Obviously I have my work cut out for me.  Oh, and obviously one hour a day won't be cutting it.  That's all I can manage during the week though.  I will have to give some thought to getting down there for a few more hours on the weekends!  It is a basement.  An OLD and unfinished dirty musty basement, and we rent.  Any suggestions on how to make it SEEM a little bit more "homey" would be GREATLY appreciated!

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