Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stop & Shop Trip 3/19/10

I haven't been posting much about my spectacular shopping trips.  Yes, there is a reason.  There have been no spectacular trips.  Oh, I've been shopping, and I have been couponing, I just can't seem to get the deals that I see on all the other awesome blogs that I read!  (And I am working on getting better links to them all!)  I took a bit of a step back in regards to the drug stores.  I even let a $5.00 register reward from Walgreens expire!  Gasp!

Here's my problem.  I now have an enormous stock of razors, deodorant, and bodywash.  My husband will be clean and shaven for the next year.  I have cereal, plenty of cereal.  And I am still cutting every single coupon.  Cutting, but not using.  I'm sharing the ones I won't use.  I was starting to buy things that we don't need or won't use.  So, I have started over.  I am not making any big promises about posting the circular deals and pictures of what I get, all the amazing things I read every day on other blogs, but i am going to give it a try!

That said, I did a Stop & Shop run on Friday.  I knew this was going to be a big trip because I needed to get some staples, there were some good sales for stuff we use, and I am hosting a little egg hunt next week for some cousins on Rob's side, so I picked up some stuff for that ahead of time too!

I ended up spending $102.74, but I saved $94.01!  Almost half!  Hooray!  A friend of mine hosted a House Party for DiGiorno, so she gave me some awesome $4.00 couons for the new DiGiorno Pizza with Breadsticks.  I picked up 3 of them to use for our egg hunt lunch next weekend!  We were going to order pizza, but I think those will work just as well, and with the coupons, all three cost less than ordering one pizza!  I also picked up some Celeste frozen pizza's that were on sale for $.88.  Those are a staple in this house.  I was able to snag 4 of the $.75/1 coupons for the Smart Taste Pasta, so i got 4 boxes for $.29!  WooHoo!  That pasta is less points for me than regular pasta, and my family doesn't even know it's healthy for them!  I had some coupons I got in the mail from Gerber, and one was for a free Graduates item.  Kayla is not a baby per say anymore, but she still loves those snacks!  So, we scored some Fruit Snacks for free!  Eggs were also B1G1F this week!  I am going to go back and get some more towards the end of the week since we will be dying quite a few next weekend!  I also had a $5.00 off that I got last week as a Catalina, and I got a series of $5.00 off coupons in the mail for the next five weeks.  They let me use both coupons this week, so that was another $10.00 off!

  That's just a few of the deals I got!  I am going to try and be better about pictures and deal posting!  I just might make a CVS run tomorrow!

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