Saturday, March 20, 2010

My New Best Friend???

We've had Trader Joe's around here for quite some fact, longer than I knew it existed.  I love Trader Joe''s healthy, sometimes organic, and things I don't normally buy.  Well, I'm sorry to say, you wil have to move over Trader joe's...Whole Foods has moved on in!!!! 

Now, I have only been once, and I had my toddler in tow, however, I am thinking I may make a special little trip there in the morning while my little cherubs are eating their Frosted Flakes!  Fruga wise, probably not the best place for me to go.  BUT, they do have and take coupons, so I can still save!  Plus, after all the saving I have been doing, I can stand a spurge or two! 

This place is huge, for me, and although I did manage to make the rounds of the entire store twice, I did not really get to LOOK at everything.  Once I get to do that, I can post more details.  Can I just say they have an entire cheese section - as in the same way they have a bakery and a butcher counter!  This is gonna kill me as far as counting my points goes!

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