Thursday, April 29, 2010

Boating Season has RETURNED!

It's that time of year again, where the sun beats down and we wait until the wind is right to take him out.  I know, usually a boat is a her, right?  Not this one.  This boat is special.  This boat has a boy's name on it, so how could it be a girl?

That's a special name...that's is my brother's name, and we are his crew.  We are a crew trying desperately to figure out how to go on in this life without him.  This is not the post for those details, we'll save that for a much more serious kind of day.  For now, I would love to see if I can show how we are doing our best to honor this boat's namesake with joy.

We do things like this....

Oh, and then there is this...wonder where those two little people are?

And the captain makes sure we are all joyfully safe!

And Grandma's hang out in a floatie chatting with Granddaughters (who NEEDED a swim break in her Papa's Kayak!)...

Time for some shade..and maybe a movie!

There are so many things that we LOVE about boat season...especially the new addition...

Isn't she cute?  We're calling her "Beer Run", and she can be a girl!

This is one fun girl!  Captain Papa gets this sparkle in his eye when he gets her out in the open...and opens her up!  Just remember to HANG ON!  He shows no mercy!

There is much joy to be found between this big boy boat and small girl boat.  I, however, will always feel that lump in my throat the first time I hit the dock each time.  Jon, you should be with us, not just the namesake.  We will play, and laugh, and do a bit more remembering this boating season!

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