Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Whole New World...

Welcome!  This blog has been simmering in my brain for quite some time now.  lease bear with me.  While I know what it is I want to accomplish here, it may take me some time to actually be able to do it all well!  It has become a mission of mine to become debt free by next January.  Can we do it?  Yes.  Is it going to be easy? Not at all.  I am a shopper.  I love to shop, think I am getting a great deal, spend too much money, and then feel guilty about it later.  Soooo...I have decided that it is time for me to use my love of shopping to my advantage.  I now spend time every Friday and every Sunday poring over circulars and feverishly printing and cutting coupons.  So far, I haven't done quite as well as I think I will when I start out.  That is telling me I have a awful lot of learning to do!

I hope that I can help you out as I learn!  I will do my best to post any deals I can come up with and highlight the circulars where I can!  I will also be reaching out to see if I can't get some pointers!  Let me know if you have any for me! 

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